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Engage in mentorship relationships with experienced construction professionals who can provide guidance and open doors to new possibilities. One way to gain practical experience is to start with entry-level construction work. This could involve working as a construction laborer, carpenter, or tradesperson. This experience will provide you with a strong foundation as you progress in your career.

  • Employers want to see evidence that you can supervise operations and teams, make technical and strategic decisions, and carry out successful projects from start to finish.
  • Construction managers in the US also earn an annual wage of 98,890 as of May 2021 [2].
  • Work experience is essential to gaining employment within the construction industry.
  • With a projected 8% increase in demand from 2021 to 2031, the career outlook for construction management is positive.
  • Luckily for you, we’ve done all the research and in this comprehensive construction project management guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to get off to a great start.
  • This keeps workers safe and ensures projects are compliant with building codes.

What exactly defines a segment of the building industry is something that many construction professionals have very different ideas about. This stage follows the execution stage, although much monitoring happens concurrently to measure progress and quality. Now is the time to test what’s been built, address any errors or safety concerns, and train staff on how to use and maintain systems within the building or structure. It’s also a great time to register any challenges that may help future projects. Now the plans should be in place, materials should be ready, and a team is in place to carry out the work. This is the most significant part of all the stages and relies heavily on how well you have executed the previous stages.

What opportunities does being aconstruction project manager offer?

Managing a construction process is considered high-level project management, demanding skills and capabilities above the average project management position. Many project managers start their careers as craftspeople in a particular trade. If you have experience of managing small projects, you could study part-time to gain project management qualifications and get a job in a construction project support team. By actively participating in continuing education and seeking professional development opportunities, you can stay up to date with industry trends and enhance your qualifications.

For those unfamiliar with what multi-level communication is, consider this everyday scenario. Where good people management is all about creating compromise when you arrive at an issue, good resource management is about trying to make sure these issues never arise in the first place. Coursera’s editorial team is comprised of highly experienced professional editors, writers, and fact… Use the internet to your advantage and search for job postings on websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and SimplyHired.

Move from a physical role to an administrative position

Others come from working in a different role in the construction industry — for example, as a craftsperson or office administrator. Whichever route you take, formal training in construction project management, such as a certificate or master’s program, is often necessary. “To avoid stagnating in your career, be open to getting the education that you need,” Angus suggested. The project manager is essential for a successful construction project and requires a lot of hard work, training, and a particular skill set. With the increase of construction projects around the United States, there is also an increased call for project managers to lead these projects.

Once everyone has been hired the project manager is responsible for managing the teams. What exactly it means to work in construction project management, what you can expect from the role and what you need to get started. It’s also important to note that in many states and countries it is a legal requirement to hold up to date registration or licensing to operate in the construction project management field.

Construction Manager vs. Project Manager: Differences & Similarities Between Roles

Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction managers earn a median annual salary of $101,480. With a projected 8% increase in demand from 2021 to 2031, the career outlook for construction management is positive. Other relevant jobs how to become a project manager can make you a more competitive construction manager, even if they’re not construction management positions. For example, working as a contractor, carpenter, or other type of construction worker can prepare you for this role.

  • Manages governance of projects by establishing standards, processes, and tools for effective project management throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Succeeding as a construction manager means keeping a project moving in the right direction, coordinating a team, and ensuring compliance with budgets, timelines, and more.
  • There are builders, plumbers, concreters, electricians, carpenters, plasterers and so many others, each with specific demands.
  • While not all construction management positions require a degree, many employers do require a construction management degree and relevant work experience.
  • This 8-step guide walks you through a construction manager’s responsibilities, construction manager requirements, and ways to land a construction manager job.
  • If you think you have the skills and drive to become a construction project manager, here are some things to consider.
  • Different firms and companies will have different lengths of time for training positions.
  • Whether you’ve just discovered this career path or wanted to pursue it for years, you might be wondering how to become a construction manager.

It’s important to demonstrate good time management, delegation, organization, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills. Take lead on a project, take on administrative responsibilities, or organize an organization event. For those interested in becoming an engineering manager, the required steps and tentative timeline depend on several factors. Educational background, current job market standards, experience, and industry-specific qualifications all play a major role in how long it will take you to obtain a managerial position in the field.

Experience is essential, as well as proving that you have the right level of academic ability needed to do the job. Before construction can begin, the pre-construction or planning phase occurs. You put together a project management plan (PMP), a roadmap for what’s to come. This considers factors like visiting the site, conducting relevant tests like soil tests, ordering material, selecting a team, assigning roles, and deciding on appropriate project management software.

They have to be able to work with whatever challenges come up to finish the project on time. A project manager in construction could have a different set of skills and background than in other fields. And while there is a typical path to becoming a construction manager, that doesn’t mean there is only one path. With the rise in construction and project manager jobs in construction, now is a good time to be able to find work in your desired profession. Or even reach out to see what companies are looking for in the project managers to get the experience and education necessary to find a job later.






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